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HybridList package

HybridList package is a perfect tool to manage large amounts of ordered data, dictionaries, look-up tables etc.

Main features:r750.gif (2368 bytes)


HybridList algorithm  uses  additional auxiliary nodes (green rectangles)  that form some kind of hierarchy over linear chain of user nodes with actual data (blue circles). This hierarchy or tree of auxiliary nodes makes possible to find any user node in a sequence only in O (lg N) steps. This means that list with 1,000,000 nodes will work only  2 times slower than list with 1,000 nodes.


Performance test  - Test applet that sort 100,000 nodes with random int values: 

Dictionary example  - typical operations with database of clients: search by name or phone, selection by income

Interface description:

HybridList interface description and nodes hierarchy


Download trial version to test speed, reliability and interface suitability. Trial version can not be used for commercial purposes.
When using trial version  class names of your nodes should begin with "Unlicensed", other names will not be accepted.
There are no other limitations for trial version.

Download: (40K)



Registered version has no limitations on class names.
You can use registered HybridList package in any commercial or non-commercial project.

Registration benefits:  free upgrades and E-mail support + source code of SkipList package

The license costs $12.95. Click the link #133821 to buy it on-line via secure ShareIt! server..

For more information about license policy please contact us.

License purchase:

Licenses can be purchased on-line, by e-mail/mail/phone/fax/credit card/check via ShareIt! (secure server) . See registration page for details.

Within 48 hours from the moment we receive your request  and notification that registration fee is paid,
we will send you by e-mail registered version of HybridList package.

New registered version will be sent to you after every major update.

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