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Optimizer package v1.0b

Optimizer package is class library for multi-parameter non-linear optimization. It includes the most efficient optimizing algorithms such as gradient and Davidon-Fletcher-Powell methods. 

Package is written in Java (JDK 1.1) and does not require any additional libraries or packages.

Use the following MyFunctionViewer applet to test different optimizing techniques on various types of functions. See FunctionViewer page to see how you can define your own function.

To set limits for optimizing algorithm click CTRL+LEFT mouse button (minimum) and  CTRL+RIGHT mouse button (maximum).


Download trial version of the package (78K). You use this version for  30 days. After that you are not allowed to use Optimizer package and should register.

Optimizer package is still on the stage of testing. We would appreciate your feedback and your propositions.

 If you want to be a beta-tester, please, contact us. All beta-testers automatically become licensed users of the package!

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